My Tribe

Several months ago, I was once again reminded that those of us who follow Christ were put on this planet as ambassadors. A U.S. ambassador in the diplomatic corps, must be a person who is able to relate and negotiate with the countries they have been assigned to work with. Their primary responsibility is to represent the interests of the United States, but also build trust and credibility with that country.



My passion as a police chaplain is to be an ambassador to the law enforcement community. Law enforcement has its own culture and peculiarities that need to be validated and understood. I represent the interests of Christ, while simultaneously building credibility and trust with police officers. This process takes time, especially when we are referring to the “Thin Blue Line” in law enforcement.



By God’s grace, HE has allowed me to break through that line to encourage, build up, and give hope to those who wear the uniform. Many have been able to adopt, and embrace, a more Christ centered perspective, even though they are inundated with the darker side of life. Due to my heart and passion for the police community, I call them my “tribe.”



Do you have a tribe? If so, who? Is it the club you belong to or your place of employment? A team you are on or the neighborhood you live in? What are you doing to build credibility and trust so you too, can be an ambassador for Christ?



May your tribe increase as God continues to work and move in your life!